Learning by Heart

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A preschool can be many things – arts and crafts, circle time and games, little chairs and little cubbies. Preschool is also excitement, curiosity, wonder, sharing, and love. Yes!  Love is the most important part of early learning. We recognize that the primary teachers for preschool children are also the people who love them most – their parents, grandparents, close family and friends. When preschoolers are taught with love, they learn to love themselves and others.  Preschool children must experience learning as fun and comfortable – wherever that learning happens. Moments that are shared with love and joy are held forever in our hearts.  So much early learning happens at home!  Cozy Kids Cottage Preschool at Home is a preschool curriculum that supports this endeavor. Together, we embrace a love of lifelong learning, inspire creativity, promote positive self-concept, encourage each other, and rejoice in being God’s children.

Our mission is to provide families with a preschool program that incorporates a developmentally appropriate curriculum, is built upon a foundation of Christian values, and is enhanced by family participation.

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Cozy Kids Cottage School Colors are 

Green to grow and

Yellow to shine!

Our Story

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Cozy Kids Cottage is a preschool program created through decades of working directly with children, ages 2½ to 5. As a small preschool serving the community of New Lenox, Illinois, Cozy Kids Cottage provided the first school experience to hundreds of children over the years. We have built upon this foundation to offer a unique approach to preschool learning at home. While our core curriculum values remain constant, activities are always evolving in ways that thoughtfully and joyfully engage children and families. What a blessing to have shared this journey with so many early learners!

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